Even if you’re not a DIY expert, there’s a few handy essentials you should likely know about.

For example, Gorilla Glue goes a long way and there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a little elbow grease, but what about locking caster wheels?

Using these simple wheels in the right way could create some of the best DIY projects you’ve ever tried.

locking caster wheels

1.    Caster wheel coffee table- This is one of the easiest projects to make, but also the most useful. As long as you have a decent wooden coffee table available, you can easily turn it into the perfect coffee table for serving.


2.    Caster wheel bookshelf- In truth, any piece of furniture can benefit from a little caster wheel action. Make a quaint and classic rustic bookshelf by simply attaching the locking wheels to the bottom of the shelf. This also makes it easier to move the shelf while it’s on wheels.


3.    Vintage dresser- Caster wheels can make even the heaviest household pieces seem light as a feather, when you can simply wheel them around. The truth is however, even on wheels, you’ll likely still be moving the furniture all on your own- don’t expect too much help.


4.    Media cabinet on wheels- The right set of locking caster wheels can create a perfect media cabinet, that can be easily wheeled in when needed, and wheeled away when not; or to various rooms in the house. Aren’t wheels the best?


5.    DIY ban doors- This is one trend you don’t want to miss out on before it ends. Barn doors are all the rage in the place of typical small frame doors. The wheels in fact go at the top of the door for a unique look and new perfect doorway.